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“Cooking and travelling. Travelling and cooking. Two of my great passions. I’m in awe of our planet. When traveling, I learn from its people, its history and its traditions. What I learn while travelling I translate it into new flavours in my kitchen. And while I always respect the nature of the ingredients in my hands, I believe that my duty is to continue experimenting, combining, challenging my imagination, exploring ingredients, pairings, combinations … My mission is to ensure that your visit to Takatak becomes an unexpected, unforgettable and unbeatable gastronomic experience.”

Dmitrii Modestov

We respect our planet.


We experiment in our kitchen.


And we surprise your palate.



vinos ecológicos

Organic wines from small local wineries …

Takatak moves away from current wine mass production and the highly polluting residues it generates for our environment and it’s committed to maintaining a close collaboration with small organic wines producers.


We are the first restaurant in San Sebastian with a menu exclusively dedicated to natural wines!


Come and try them!

Seasonal organic ingredients selected from the markets in San Sebastian every day …

“I grew up cooking with the women in my family in Russia. My mother picked the vegetables from our orchard and bought the ingredients we needed in the local market that same day.
I can’t imagine any another way to cook. “

Dmitrii Modestov
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Author cuisine that fuses Russia with gastronomic traditions from around the world …

Every morning I visit one or several of the wonderful markets in San Sebastian without knowing what I will find there. And every morning I return to my kitchen fascinated by the wealth of organic products I discovered that day and excited about the culinary possibilities brewing in my mind! The results of that imagination exercises that I perform every day when combining gastronomic traditions from all over the world with my experience in internationally renowned kitchens are, according to my clients, incomparable.


I invite you to experience it for yourself!


This is what our clients have to say about Takatak…

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