Experimental Gastrobar in San Sebastian:

Author’s Cuisine. Local Produce. Natural Wines.

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From Russia to the Basque Country via Italy and many other places in this wonderful planet, Dmitrii has had the unparalleled opportunity to work with internationally renowned chefs such as Juan Mari Arzak, Bittor Arginzoniz (Asador Etxebarri), Albert Adriá, Ever Cubilla, Oriol Invern and Elido Mollo.


In Takatak, Modestov marries the familiar flavours he was introduced to by the women in his childhood in Russia to the most innovative flavours from around the world and to some of the best wines from the small wineries in the Basque Country.

Just like the Matrioskas we left behind in Russia, our Experimental 2.0 Menu reveals new and surprising flavours every day.


Stay tuned for our inventive signature menu on Instagram! Discover what surprises Chef Modestov has in store for you that day and which organic wines from the local wineries recommends with your favourite dishes!


In Takatak everything is designed to surprise your senses and evoke a memorable reaction!

mejores restaurantes san sebastian



We are the first restaurant in San Sebastian to have a menu exclusively dedicated to natural wines! Visit us to try them!



Delight in our experimental cuisine and let yourself be surprised by the Russian-Basque fusion created by Chef Dmitrii Modestov …



From the sea, the orchard and the meadows directly to your plate via our kitchen where we are constantly trying to enhance near perfect ingredients!
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Local ingredients: from our markets to your plate

We marry organic products …

“I grew up cooking with the women in my family in Russia. My mother picked the vegetables from our orchard and bought the ingredients we needed in the local market that same day.
I can’t imagine any another way to cook. “

Dmitrii Modestov

… to Organic Wines

Our natural wine menu is rather risky…

We know…

But, our intention is to create awareness…

We refuse to accept pesticides and additives in our wine harvesting process…

And we’d like to think you’d support us.

Will you?

Dmitrii Modestov
We are the first restaurant in San Sebastian with an ecological wine menu
Dmitrii Modestov

“Our dream is to be one of the 50 best restaurants in the world while doing everything possible to create a magic culinary experience for you.”